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Hi All

Welcome to Seymour's Sexy Six, the six ladies I have shot over the years that I love the most. Ranging in age from mid twenties to early sixties. They are all truly amateurs. None earn their living modeling and do it just for fun and a bit of pin money. They all do it only because they enjoy it and enjoy what it does to their admirers. There is no hard porn here although there is a variety of levels I managed to convince them to go to but it's mainly just showing you their delightful bodies and luscious lingerie with some tit, some pussy and some toys.

Have a look around the site and if you like what you see come on in!

I aim to update at least once a week and as an introductory offer I'm only charging $10.95 for a month. There are photo sets of all of the six and I will be adding videos of 5 of them. Come on in and enjoy!